SSAirfield Shipwreck to Hotel

Its a shipwreck which I think needs some love :slight_smile: . I am thinking of converting it into some kind of luxurious hotel. Its at a place not far from where I live near Western Sydney. Will go there to get some shots for reference and will post them here as well. I hope you guys will like this idea.Thanks


Ah, I remember seeing this online; I believe it’s chilling somewhere in Australia? Another water-bound location, very unique. The contrast with the city view will make a great backdrop. Which category are you shooting for?

Best of luck!

thanks mate, primarily still, but will see if it can be done in unreal, which I would love to do!
Heres the location:

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Love this one! Welcome to the challenge and best of luck :wink:

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Hey great idea.

Although I love how nature takes over anything that’s missing human activity for too long.

What are the dimensions of the vessel and will the hotel be exclusively on deck or extend beyond the ship itself.

In any case, I love outside the box ideas.

Good luck

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Hi mate ,

sorry for late reply, the vessel is 70m long and 4.2m high, I am planning to extend the hotel on the outskirts of the ship itself and keep the ship as a restaurant . Lets see!

Hey @Adrock - that’s a great site - and I love that photo. Really looking forward to seeing this develop, good luck!

Thanks, exploring some ideas! cheers mate!

Preview_002 Work in progress,

It will be 3 images in total,
1- The Beginning
2- The Current
3- The Vision

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Really makes me want to visit Australia even more. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, the receptionists seems a bit aggressive though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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