SSAirfield Shipwreck to Hotel

Its a shipwreck which I think needs some love :slight_smile: . I am thinking of converting it into some kind of luxurious hotel. Its at a place not far from where I live near Western Sydney. Will go there to get some shots for reference and will post them here as well. I hope you guys will like this idea.Thanks


Ah, I remember seeing this online; I believe itโ€™s chilling somewhere in Australia? Another water-bound location, very unique. The contrast with the city view will make a great backdrop. Which category are you shooting for?

Best of luck!

thanks mate, primarily still, but will see if it can be done in unreal, which I would love to do!
Heres the location:

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Love this one! Welcome to the challenge and best of luck :wink:

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Hey great idea.

Although I love how nature takes over anything thatโ€™s missing human activity for too long.

What are the dimensions of the vessel and will the hotel be exclusively on deck or extend beyond the ship itself.

In any case, I love outside the box ideas.

Good luck