Stockholm sunset by Amr Moussa

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I started this competition by trying find good composition to make artistic scene

I tried different views and I saw different visualization studios work like Plompmozes,

MIR, K2, brick, submarine and tomorrow I found some inspirational work.

First image I found interesting photography on instgram (slope street between two
buildings) and lighting mood from submarine studio, Shops were the hardest part
of this composition because I had to do quick interior design for this shops due to
sunset mood I chose.

Second image I inspired by real photography of the library and light mood from
Tomorrow I used soft sun with corona sky and interior lights, I modeled floor manually
and scattered books with railclone.

Third image ( natural one ) I found lots of visualization adding main building within
nature and landscape I chose image from Plompmozes as my main reference for light
and composition, I used corona sun and sky to make morning sun mood then replaced
corona sky with another sky, I added to 2 young people with Photoshop to make the
feel they are going to library in the morning.

The most difficult part of this competition is to find interesting and creative position
unlike those image on the Internet.
I spent a lot time and saw hundreds of images to find good idea.

This challenge was great opportunity to learn professorial architectural composition
I learned a little and I have to spend more time and work to make scene more a artistic
and focus on details like street elements, buildings in the background and adding more
effects, life and depth to the image.