SYD2077 by Mateusz Sum

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Good news everyone! I have finally managed to connect my Unit to a new stable power source so that my XR projections don’t flicker that much anymore. Well, at least not that often as they used to.

Also, last week I found some old stylized HMD that looks very similar to one of those first VR goggles from the early 2020s or so. Was it called Wive? Or Vive or something like that? Anyways, the good part is that this display is still compatible with my XR system, despite the vintage design.

I guess it must have been some gentle strike of nostalgia that inspired another product designer. Or maybe it’s just a random pick of the manufacturing AI. Who knows?

Sadly, I guess the end is here and now. That’s it. I’ll leave a link to some of my XR views below. Maybe some of you can still check it out, even though it lives in this old-school thing called “the internet” (I know! Hard to believe it is still working).