The Hudson Yards Transit Center by Krzysztof Woleński


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Do you remember 20s, when the rain was a common thing…”Global Warming”.


Hi !
I want to finally upload some content from my “Work in Progress”.

First crucial part of work is done. As a crucial part I mean an idea for this project and what I really want to show on my visualizations. In the beggining I struggled with many different ideas for design using references from pinterest but in the end I choosed to use Vessel design to avoid adding another architectural style to this area.

Despite the fact that im not an architect I decided to design building appearance. I’m still working on it but main shape is ready… I quess.
It is going to be a Hudson Yards Transit Center. Place where people can use trains, subway or buses to get in to this business area, get out of it or even go to other cities.

02-siteplan closeup
03-first design attempt
04-current Main Building version.

It’s really fun to be part of this challenge and do some cool stuff !
Next mile stone: camera approval “clay”.

Did you notice that everyone is wearing masks these days ? - Man living in 2040.


Hi @krzysztofwolenski, You got me when I saw the inspiration board!!

As I understand your proposal will be a multi-functional station, if so you can always add another type of transportation on the water like Ferry. This could help you consolidate the idea of transit hub by every mean of vehicle! And it’s a real thing in NY now so don’t worries to include it in your work!

Hudson River Ferries

By adding this it could truly connect the people from two river banks and strengthen your concept!


Look forward to your work process update Krzys!


Very nice concept there, and lovely idea by Duy to have a water based transportation link to the transit. I’d like to see what you will do with the new design for the architecture.


I think other questions that would help you with refining the form of the architecture are:

  • How does it connect to the existing transportation system or highway network? Is it an underground system?
  • Does it try to blend in, or stand out as an iconic landmark in the region? Now I know you have decided to blend in, but since the transit center is so close to the Vessel, how would you approach the form, so that it blends in well in the neighborhood, but yet people won’t see it as an expansion of the Vessel?
  • Does the shape bear any symbolic significance? Or the function of it comes before the form?
  • If it is function before form, how is it going to convenient me as a user?
  • how would you set your camera and composition to emphasize on the functional/ symbolic aspect of your architecture?

Hope these questions would help you on refining the shape. And the last question is rather important because it helps you nailing down your shots, and hence managing your workload more efficiently :slight_smile:


HI Duy !

I really appreciete your commitment in my project !
Honestly I want to avoid showing area in big scale. My point in this project is more to show society of 2040 where the architecture is only a background.

I want to answer a question, how our society going to look like in 20 years.
Society with global warming issue and full of diseases.

Cheers !


Hey Tony

Thanks for your comment ! It’s definitely helpful !