The KK House - Diving into Lumion



As part of building and teaching a Lumion Course, I’ve taken some past projects for a new spin. The KK House is such a project.

You’ve probably seen some of this shared on social media, and I’ll gather it here with more insight.

I’m using SketchUp as the main 3d modeling platform with LiveSync for Lumion. Using two screens side by side I can navigate and model inside SketchUp and see it all LIVE in Lumion too!

This time I’m also exploring importing 3d models and materials from external resources such as Megascans and Design Connected. I’ll make a note for when I introduce something new besides these.

Stay tuned :wink:

This is the Lumion result

For this SketchUp model setup

Visualize at the Speed of Mind - A Lumion Review, Part A

Here are some of the views saved so far, during various stages of the work. It is all pure output from Lumion.

Still not sure about the overall look & feel…


Great work Ronen. One thing though, most of the images are not loading and when I click on it, it says the image is not available.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve edited the post so it shows…

I’ve also posted this to my Behance page :wink: