The New York City Drone Marathon by UNBOXED


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The health measures taken in order to control epidemics, biological attacks and climate change have resulted in the expansion of alternative sports such as drone races, since large gatherings are restricted. The industry of e-sports is bigger than ever, and races through city centers have replaced old sports events.

The idea is to portray Hudson Yards as a background for the race. While the area is designed as a top commercial and working destination, different activities will also take place, and the public space will be updated to accomodate this type of new events.

I don’t imagine the area or the buildings will look very different in 20 years from now – I live in Madrid and as an example, the Madrid Rio project took around ten years to complete. But the public space will be colonized by new elements, like public transport pods, health metrics stations, touch surfaces to buy groceries while you wait for your transport…I also see the cities in 20 years from now without the need for proper roads or traffic signs, since all transport inside cities will be restricted to AI vehicles, in a much more limited road network.

I still have to polish the idea, but I have started looking for interesting camera angles to show the race ambience. I also want to develop a very dense atmosphere, so I will try to play a bit with fog, volume shading, etc.


Your concept reminds me of the movie Ready Player One. Can’t wait to see your take on what a gamer pod will look like in 2040 ;D


Hi @Unboxed, I feel so related with your concept as living in Melbourne, Uber said they will launch the “Uber Air” trial later this year and officially kicking the service in 2023, along with Dallas and Los Angeles.

Melbourne Could Be One of the First Three Cities to Test Uber’s Flying Taxis in 2020

If you don’t mind to be bold with this one, we can go all the way with your idea and make Hudson Yards become Uber Skyport for New York City, where those Skyscrapers heights are a big advantage for Air Taxi approach!

I have this article you might find interesting:

Uber Air ‘Skyport’ concepts

Good luck Unboxed!
Look forward to seeing more update from you,
Duy Phan


Great info @duy-phan but

Pretty sure UNBOXED (and do register so I can link you to your thread) can take this and make it even better at HY :wink: