The Peaceful Island by Omegarender

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This week, we would like to present The Peaceful Island project made for our regular client Durasein, in close cooperation with Artish design.

We will remind you that Durasein is engaged in the production of eco-friendly plastic and that it is able to imitate any solid surface. In our images, loungers are made of Durasein material, and our partner Artish design selected the color palette.

From our side, we did not only the visualization itself, but we also developed a concept of how Durasein products can fit into any environment, including an exotic island. As you can see, product 3D rendering can be effective not only using close shots but even an aerial view.


Studio: Omegarender / Artist: Omegarender
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: Durasein
Location: United States United States