The Saguaro House by Matúš Nedecký


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Ever since, I was fascinated by dinosaurs. From when I was a little boy, to a “grown up” man (LOL), head of the family I am now, I always admired these prehistoric creatures, their majesty, greatness, the secret around them and basically everything connected to these terrifying giants that walked the Earth millions of years ago. At the same time, I love the idea that was put into FlyingArchitecture name, that created our identity, however being in the loop of commercial projects, I did not find a spot to make another “Flying House” for years, since the very first project I did for FA.

With the global Corona crisis going around and “thanks” to being locked down at home, I finally had more time not only to develop the website a bit, but also I could dedicate some portion of my time to these fantastic projects.

Being able to combine some of my favourite pleasures, I enjoyed this project a lot. And I mean… A LOT. Dinosaur, Flying House, Rhino, V-Ray, Sculptris, Photoshop and some other tools, they all met together to help me to develop this project. Best thing is it’s not assembled from any purchased products, public libraries… well, except only one – ours 🙂

At this point, I have to mention my amazing colleagues – mainly Lukas and Ondej for their great assets they provided for this scenery – since I did not do EVERYTHING just by myself. Plants are Ondrej’s domain and Lukas is a master in Substance designer, so I used some of his textures.

Most of the assets are already published as products, so you can get them if needed and use them for your projects. All set for Rhino and V-Ray as usually.

This article is dedicated to description of the process I took to develop these images, so if you have some time, get yourself a coffee (short should be enough) and have a look 🙂

“Your strongest asset is an idea.”

So I came with an idea of a f*!#ing flying house over the dinosaur site somewhere in Mexico. How crazy is that?


Studio: FlyingArchitecture / Artist: Matúš Nedecký
Work: Personal
Designer: Matúš Nedecký
Client: N/A .
Software: Rhinoceros,V-Ray