Tomorrow 2019 Challenge final by gradywang928

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At the beginning, of course, is to find information about the project, to understand the history of the library, the architectural details of images. This work is to spend time, but it is good for the back of the job, can refer to perfect the model from time to tome a lot of pictures. And in this process there is the idea – snow – Christmas – probably lovers.

In this way, I can continue to work, and while I have perfected that model, I will collect a lot of idea about Christmas, snow, winter, snow and melting. I will write them down.

I work at ordinary times is architectural animation, using vray renderer rendering. But this time I want to try the corona renderer, this is my first time to use corona renderer, I to convert existing model vray material is a key to the corona, this is really very convenient, basic need not adjust. Next came into standard workflow – material – light testing – rendering test. The trouble, there is snow, I have used several ways to do, a simple model with a key generation snowflow. Snow on the ground with corona displacement, the trouble is to draw maps, good again after painting Render test, resize, retest… In terms of lighting, corona’s lightmix is really convenient to use. After rendering, the color and intensity of the light can be adjusted to greatly improve the efficiency.

I tried to set up more than 20 cameras in different positions, some with long focal length and some with wide Angle. Finally, I was satisfied with the choice of these three angles, which could not only take the building as the main body, but also reflect the relationship between the surrounding environment and the building.

Atmosphere of the construction is the key to architectural visualization, I tested at different times of the HDR, feel or early in the morning or evening time more good-looking. So now the HDR is used after toning, I want to take some of the outdoor scene partial purple. Apply colours to a drawing is completed with corona do preliminary adjustments later, again fine adjustment in PS, PS work is not much, mainly color correction, strengthen the body, strengthen the contrast.

The above is the production ideas and process of this work, basically achieve the effect I want.