Tomorrow 2019 Challenge/Winter Time by koheita wada

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I decided to join Tomorrow Challenge for the first time.

It’s been 6 years since I started CG production. It was a good opportunity to ascertain how much I am making CG and studying regularly.

What you usually care about in CG production is to be Photorealistic, to make people’s eyes attract attention, to feel a sense of air, to make buildings look better.

Each of the three CGI devised Stockholm ‘s climate, air feeling, color taste, and determined the composition using the nature and topography of the adjacent park.

The entrance image depicts the composition by golden ratio and expresses the winter climate of Stockholm.

Snow on the ground uses displacement, and we produced masks of people walking in Photoshop.It was a fun work because I do not usually make snow scenes.

It was a fun work because I do not usually make snow scenes.

I would like to see the details such as the snow on the window sash.

The interior image explored the light to be inserted through the window and the dynamic angle looking up the stairs.

In the space where there was only one person before the opening, light was inserted, and the dust was visualized to express the dry feeling of winter air.

The exterior image expresses the nature of the adjacent park as naturally as possible and uses the branch on the front and the ridgeline of the hill for guiding the line of sight.

Even this image made a snow scene, but it was difficult to make snow material real.

My goal is to produce CGI which is not so far.
Although past targets could not clear that goal, I would like to try to continue making high quality CGI from now on.
I am glad that I participated in this Challenge.