Vermont by Omega Render

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Vermont is a medium-scale residential project in one of the central districts of Los Angeles. The project was commissioned by California Design Award winner YU2E, Inc.

Having a modern laconic design, this apartment building features a subterranean garage and cozy green terraces located on different floors. It could also be attractive to local cafes and shops because of the ground floor commercial.

We made both human and bird views to showcase the general facade of the building. The light scheme demonstrates how the colors of the apartment complex may change during different periods of the day while maintaining a sense of comfort and appeal.

The decision of visualization of the district around our 6-floor structure accentuates how the project fits into the architecture of the entire area.


Studio: Omega Render / Artist: Omega Render
Work: Commissioned Project
Designer: N/A .
Client: Yu2e, Inc., Architet.
Location: United States United States