What NVIDIA's Turing GPU architecture and the new RTX cards mean for ArchViz?

If you haven’t seen this SIGGRAPH 2018 NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang presentation yet… PLEASE DO!

To make a long story short, ray tracing in real-time becomes highly relevant (but expensive still).

I wonder what you think about it?

Here is one of the impressive demo done by Epic Games (UE4) and Porsche

And for the most impressive one in my book!!!

Project Sol: A Real-Time Cinematic Scene Powered by NVIDIA RTX

This is huge for our industry. Real time Ray Tracing (RTRT) is now really affordable, I mean, in the past Real time GI has been showed case UE4 but it is quite taxing, consuming from 300-500 ms and now it is promised to drop to 30ms.
Just let me remind you guys that this is not an lighting approximation but a real ray traced simulation just like the one we use in Vray or Corona for instance. They achieve this by combining the power of their state of the art hardware plus software optimised by ai.

I remember many years ago having to wait up to 12 hours for a final renders (Vray, Maxwell) and now we can produce even better quality images in a blink. Truly remarkable!

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