#4 The Day After Tomorrow by Roman Huzar

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Hey everybody,

I want to share my first color drafts with you.

In the first picture, I decided to add a walking area (like a park) on top of the hyperloop.

In the second picture I changed the composition a little bit. In this picture I want to get a beautiful effect of light and rays passing through the vessel.

In the third picture I lacked movement and the foreground was empty, I decided to add a few people.

As I wrote earlier to collect the scene, I used @ForestPack and @RailClone. I used @3dsmax and @CoronaRenderer for rendering.

I’d welcome any criticism or advice from you 🙂

Thank you.


I LOVE the second picture @idesigne4 :+1:

I wonder what it could look like for the third pic if you give a test to apply the lighting scenario in the second pic with the sun is directly behind and above the HIVE. If so the particles will help to cover the HIVE a bit which help to highlight your beautiful park in the foreground better! :thinking:

Again, Great work!
Hope there will be another update from you before submission! :metal:

Duy Phan

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Hi Roman, nothing to add. You did a great work.
I can’t decide what’s the best image (maybe the 3rd but also the 2nd one is beautiful) so well done mate!

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Man, you’re far along! I was really glad they extended the deadline, but it looks like you’re in good shape! I think keeping that west side of the neighborhood open is a really cool idea that didn’t occur to me. Mine has a bunch of new construction there, so I’d bet that your idea is going to be pretty unique, especially with all the transport stuff you have going on.

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Wow this is the best set of images I have seen so far. Really nice positie vibe of futuristic NY. Great idea with this train tubes :).

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Nice images, i suggest to reduce the camera angle int he third image, the vessel looks very distorted.

Thank you, duy phan,

It’s interesting for me to try another light too, I hope I have enough time to play with it and drop another WIP).:wink:

Thank you, my friend :hugs:

Thank you!

Yeah, I was counting on the 15th and I didn’t know until the last moment that you wrote me… :joy:

Thanks a lot mate;)
hopefully the final pictures will convey the overall atmosphere of the project:hugs: