#5 The Day After Tomorrow by Roman Huzar

Hello, everyone!

I decided to make a couple of extra angles to the 3 main ones.

1. In the first image I wanted to ride in hyperloop :sunglasses: and I decided to show a view from the inside in motion. I thought this angle was interesting, but I still want to play with light and details.
2. From the second angle, I wanted to show the atmosphere after the rain. When you don’t have to go out and food can be delivered to the office by a drone “uber”.

All these events take place near our head of architecture (vessel), which I chose as the main one in my picture composition. Hopefully all the pictures will eventually help you feel the atmosphere I am trying to convey.

If anyone has thoughts or ideas about it, feel free to speak :wink:


Hi Roman, tour image remind me this one by Level creative studio

Maybe it could helps you.

its actually amazing, i knew that studio as am living in milan and mostly their work is impressive, i loved that reference i used it as inspiration actually, good luck to you all guys

these have a great narative, wouldn’t it be great if the lady was waving to someone outside.
with the drone maybe it would be nice to see some rain on floor as the hatch is up. really like them, nice one