8 Amazing Matte Painting Videos by Gordon Tarpley

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I recently joined the CG Architecture group over at flickr, and this gorgeous image catched my attention today. The great thing about it and other images by Gordon Tarpley is that he kindly composed the process of his work from initial rendering to final image. These videos are very inspirational and are a rich source of information about how to postwork a render and add people, vegetation and amend it in many ways to achieve the desired and result.

Loby Visualization from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

Living Room Visualization from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

“Initial modeling done by coworker. final modeling (client changes), lighting, rendering, composting/digital painting done by me.”Gordon Tarpley

Pool Deck Visualization from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

“For this shot my job was to paint the surrounding buildings to be a night scene. It originally was a daylight satellite photo but some of my adjustments were already flattened in the first frame of this animation. There are CG massing models of the city laid over the satellite photo. the CG elements in the middle were put together by a team of co-workers and dropped onto my backplate by someone other than me.”Gordon Tarpley

Aerial View digimatte from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

Arichitectural Exterior Visualization from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

“This is the backplate for an illustration done at work. The shot was initially finished as a day shot but the client decided they wanted to change it to dusk. My task was changing the time of day and cleaning up/modifying some of the foreground elements for the plate. The 3d elements (not shown) were handled by a coworker. The rendered elements for this image have been excluded and actually cover the lower buildings toward the middle of the image. When the final composite is okay to show the public I’ll post a link to the image.”Gordon Tarpley

Day to Dusk Matte from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

“This dining space was created in 3d studio max and rendered in vray (scene modeled by Robert Rodriguez, Lighting, rendering, composting and digital painting done by Me),due to short turn-around time, and lack of background imagery at render time, the scene was set up with very generic lighting to give more flexibility in post. Loads of photoshop painting was done to get the final image.”Gordon Tarpley

Arichitectural Visualization Composite Build-up from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

Watercolor style Illustration from Gordon Tarpley on Vimeo.

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