A Monitor for ArchViz

I’d love to hear some thoughts about the topic of “The Monitor” we use with ArchViz in mind specifically.

I never gave this too much thought, but as I’m about to upgrade hardware - this comes to mind.

  • Single and what size
  • Dual to Triple setup
  • Color Calibration
  • Etc

I wonder what all of you are using and think about this…

Twin 23-24" monitors seem to be the sweet spot for price/screen size for us.
Colour calibration is a problem, as even two monitors from the same range are not exactly compatible.
We have no additional calibration hardware.
I tried a couple of higher resolution 27" screens, but found the extra effort of pushing more pixels about the screen was too much for my laptop & SketchUP.
Mix & matching screen sizes was not a success, as adjusting text menu sizes for one didn’t suit the other.
Using the laptop as a third screen is acceptable for showing the likes of Outlook, but I don’t have the desk space to use it.

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Setting up my Work from Home station - I can’t fit a dual-screen so I’m thinking to go with a 32" screen.

These two come to mind :

  • DELL U3219Q
  • BenQ PD3230U

Anyone can say why yes or no on these two?

@JGA what graphics card do you have?

HP 17 Zbook with integrated Intel UHD 630 & dedicated Nvidia P3200.
We were moved from our PC workstations a few months ago to laptops. They are slower, but at least we can work from home during the lockdown.
I forgot to say that I couldn’t get both monitors to connect directly to the monitors, although in theory there shouldn’t be a problem. I ended up having to connect through a docking station.