Brolly by James Macdonald

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Final entry, hope you like it !

a story of the project

I wanted to have a strong narrative one that I would enjoy, and hopefully others. , I wanted a link to all three visuals so a large part of time was spent exploring angles, mood and a connection of some sorts.
I was happy when I noticed that the umbrella had a similar shape to the open voids in the structure, so I explored this.

With two protagonists in the narrative, the hero building and the umbrella, I worked on creating a start middle and end.

So a journey started to form.

Start – lost, abandoned but with life and a story to tell.

Middle – found, enjoying life and fulfilling destiny, if you ask an umbrella what he wants he would say play in the rain and fly in the wind!

End – calm and set free, fulfilling last wish… to fly.