Brooklyn EV Park

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I live about two blocks from this site located in the historic neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Formerly a Gulf fuel station, the site has sat abandoned for more than five years. It’s a prime corner on the intersection of two busy streets, Myrtle and Vanderbilt Avenues. The kink in the garage roof is a detail that caught my eye and feels like it was designed with 1950s optimism in mind. This fuel station was one of the last remaining in the neighborhood.

It’s a revolutionary time for electric vehicles. However, a high hurdle to get over is access to charging points in dense urban places like Brooklyn. The vast majority of people here who own cars park them on the street. So this project proposes giving this former fuel station a new life as an EV charging hub. The original garage will house a local EV bicycle dealer and repair shop serving both the public and numerous delivery riders that rely on them for work.

Above the site will be a new public green space. The supporting structure will take inspiration from the elevated train that used to run along Myrtle Ave until the 1970s. Through some internet scouring, I found a photo taken in 1944 of this exact intersection showing the original train structure above.

There’s been a considerable amount of historic building in the neighborhood already lost and replaced with faux-modern residential buildings. I think there’s an opportunity here to reflect some history of the area paired with serving future needs of the community.


Hi @davepBK and welcome to CONVERTED!

I was hoping to see a Fuel Station project. I did not expect it to be in such an Urban Location :wink:

This is a great subject matter and I look forward to seeing your progress!


Taking the race to the finish line approach, not intentional but it’ll be rapid fire progress updates from here till the end. The first couple are going to be analog. This update is some sketch planning for the site. While there are a lot of people who’d like to see cars banned in Brooklyn, (the cyclist and even car enthusiast side of me agrees) a more equal compromise is the best path forward. So these plans accommodate about a dozen charge points which keeps it from becoming full on parking lot. The transformation of the service station and addition of the upper deck public space aim to be a unique 3rd place for the neighborhood.

Exploratory sketch round, a blockout model is also happening in the background and I’ll post some images of that in the next update. For these I’m trying a few options and experimenting with shapes and material values. I’ll likely take elements of a few of these and combine them to get to the final design. Doing these sketches is always a faster method to seeing some possibilities versus getting bogged down with modeling.

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Wonderful sketches, how do you make those? On a tablet?

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Indeed these looks great!

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Nice drawings @davepBK

Bring on electric cars indeed…in fact I think car sharing is the way to go…over ownership, especially in cities.
I look forward to the day we can all summon autonomous electric cars as and when we need them…rather than letting them sit in the streets!

Looking forward to seeing your modelling, good luck with the next stages :slight_smile:

Blockout time…lots of place holder items for now. The two major priority pieces to work on from here are the stricture and the building. The above sketches will help a bit with that so I"m not working in the dark. Still I’ve already made some alterations to the 2Fl cafe roof. There’s now three sloped south facing roof windows to let in light and pick up on the original roof line of the garage.

Produced with Sketchup for those interested to know.

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Thank you, I used a very basic model printed out as an underlay. Pencil on trace, scanned and toned with the default round brush in photoshop via Wacom tablet.

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Thank you for sharing the secrets:) I thought you made those with something like remarkable tablet, but as I read in the internet its a bit overrated

No chance of finishing for the deadline, this will live on as a personal project for the near future. If this post thread stays active, maybe I’ll continue to post some updates for posterity. Thanks to Ronen for the theme of this competition, it was a good motivator to get some ideas going.

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sure will stay active as long as you like it to be… sad that you can’t make it for the deadline but do keep at it when you can!