CGI : CONCRETE VILLA by Bilal Mansuri

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I wanted to do villa from a long time but this time i sat up and just did it.

Usually when I do these type of project i find sketches of other artist who makes conceptual houses and go with that because that basically saves time and I love to see those great concept comes to life throve my visuals and there’s nothing joyable than that.

After that I find reference for mood that i wanna bring in to that project and put all of these into PurRef which is basically amazing tool for sort out reference and making mood board.

This time i used concept from Ehab Alhariri AKA archihab btw his Instagram page “this” with full of sketches is mind blowing


Studio: Perqued / Artist: Bilal Mansuri
Work: Personal Project
Designer: Ehab Alhariri
Client: N/A .
Location: India India