Christmas story. Final by Denis Khotin

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So I post the final images one of the last. 1 hour before the end of the contest, I still render an image of one of the interiors. But I’m sure I will have time!

I looked at the work of all participants. A lot of interesting work! I am glad that I take part and can compare my work. I especially liked the work of two participants.

As for my work:
I did everything for the first time in corona render. Before that, I did not have to work with her. Using vray I think I could do everything faster. But I am glad that by participating in the competition I received additional experience.

I was lucky, I had a clear picture of this project. I knew exactly what I needed to do. So I think I did it pretty quickly.

My great critic is my wife Yana. I thank her very much for her patience and good advice. She’s great!

I am glad that I found time for this project. Of course I had to lose sleep for some time)))

Thank you so much for the opportunity! Good luck to all!