CONVERTED Winners Announced! (see end of thread)

Hi Ronen, I’m sorry, I had a question about the deadline on the challenge tab on the website. It hasn’t changed, and it made me doubt myself, just wanted to ask you that the challenge ends in 19 days and we have almost 18 days considering the final day off the schedule. Is it correct guys?
Just a noob question :slight_smile:

Hi @erfan3p you have until June 22nd :wink:

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Hi @Flowstorm

this is already extended to end of June (you might need to refresh or re-enter if it does not show that)

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Thanks @ronen for explaining - much appreciated

Hi @ronen

Unfortunately the trick of re-entering the same licence key has not worked for any of my Substance Apps.
Just tried all 3 apps with no luck - they all expired last night.

Please can you arrange new keys that will work for me?

Many thanks, Thomas


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On it… stay tuned!

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@Flowstorm should work now!

Hi @ronen - -Still not working unfortunately - am I doing something wrong?

I select “Activate using a licence file”
then, browse to the key file you sent me originally …(I haven’t received any new key files)

Should I be using a different method?

In case it’s relevant, I never got any Source credits…maybe something going on with my account?

Thanks for helping, Thomas



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@ronen Ah, just did a refresh and logged into my Substance account
Now I can see there are new key files…downloading and trying them now,

Thanks again, Thomas

@ronen - Thanks Ronen, those 3 new keys work :smile:
And I can see the Source credits are there now, so that’s great too - thanks for your help!

That’s pretty strange @Flowstorm as I had the same issue this morning but I restarted the Substance launcher and was able to reactivate using my original keys. In any case, happy it’s working for us now and we have another 30 or so days :slight_smile:

I should stop texturing and get on with the animation now :wink:

All good with you all?

Keep me posted if anyone needs help with something :wink:


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I feel so blonde… but I have posted a new milestone as a separate post, titled Wake Up (2051), wanted to add images there as a reply, but can’t see it in the list, is it pending an approval, maybe?

Checking this for you…

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@AniramAvosterg I don’t see it in the backend so I suggest re-posting it…


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Hi all !
@ronen I was wondering if there is specific time for our submissions on the deadline day, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Would it be something like 22 June 12PM UTC or PST or similar?

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Until June 22nd is over all around the globe!

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Hi @ronen,
Could you please give some details on the final submission procedures?

Follow this question…
How can we submit the final images?

Use the blog challenge milestone upload, picking the FINAL type for the entry. Anything other than images to upload add as a WeTransfer Link - that would be the best option (or any other online storage shared link like dropbox or other so I can download you files easy).

Describe your final entry as best as you can in the long text filed, keep the intro text field short.

For any issues - hit me here or email :wink: