Crane Capsule Hotel - Miami Florida

Living in Miami, I was shocked by the disuse that port cranes had for many months. Before the pandemic hit us, there was great port and cruise activity, and after everything was completely paralyzed.

The project aims to bring a new function and use to these megastructures, giving them life again.
What to do? - A new Hotel concept with capsule rooms.
Why to do it? - To Bring to life abandon port cranes.
How to do it? Landscape, reusing containers as capsule rooms, glass, metal, wood, and many views to enjoy colorfull sunsets.


I can just see these cranes play an integral part of the conversion, especially at night! Do you imagine people get to interact with them or mostly staying on the ground? Great opportunity for matte painting of the city skyline as well; it’s going to be interesting how you execute it! :metal:

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Thank’s for the comment and inspiration @simplychen. Love the idea of the people interacting on the ground. A walk all the way to the cranes surrounded by nature, parks, some viewpoints… :building_construction:
Matte painting could be really helpful and save some time on a project like this. Great feedback

So cool seeing this as a concept! I’ve been doing a few projects in that area and these cranes always ended up as part of the background view :wink:

Looking forward to seeing what you make of these!

Good luck @eliseoprado


I think this scene has a lot of charm.

There is so much potential for the urban design element here as well. It can really turn out to be a complete experience for those in the area.

Look forward to seeing this develop.

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Great idea, I’m exited to see your intervention

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Hi @ronen

I’m glad you see it as a cool concept
I’ve seen some of your images produced for the area and they are beautiful.

Hi @Atash

I appreciate your feedback .
The concept could take different path, I am in the pre-production phase, looking for inspiration, reference, some sketches and putting all together.

I want to share with all the link to Lot-Ek architects.
I discovered them as a student and since then, I love the beautiful what they achieve with containers.

Hope you all enjoy them

Hi @erickoalejandro20s thank you very much for your support of the idea.
It all came up with a sketch, which I made long before the contest was even launched, as an idea for personal work. months later Ronen took out this contest and well, was the perfect fit.


Hi @eliseoprado - a really interesting idea and great to see your first hand drawn sketches. Best of luck!

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One of the major reasons for running this challenge is to provide an outlet for the “Personal Project” we might not get to otherwise :wink:

Hanging Container Rooms? this is radical!!! Love it :wink:

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This is an amazing concept-and great use of such wasted resources / real estate.

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I think its a great idea, and when you complete the work its worth trying to show it to the City Management, who knows, maybe there would be willing inverstors to implement it