Final - Sunken city by Pavol Cickan

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There are two worlds. After sea has risen, technology enabled us to build new, safe city environment above the ground, using massive platforms. Whole system of the city is driven by AI, and it takes care of everything. We let it take over, and many of us became obsolent. New challenge in this world is to find your calling. The Individual cult from 20 century took a hit. As it turns out, we are not so special, we are just another species.

The new world on platforms- modern, technology driven world, where human input is minimal. There are people living, but they are connected to technology in a degree that obscure real human interaction. They became soulles bodies who live in a VR world. Everyone is alone. Algorhytms can guide them throuhg their lives with ease, so they let AI to dictate their every move.

The old world – After flooding, swamp like environment is a home for many people who didnt make it to new world…mostly janitors who clean the water. After Few years from floods, This world became jungle like place, and is important source of oxygen after many of the land forest were destroyed…

New world doesnt care for the old one, yet it could not exist without it.

Story told in my entry images is about a man called Oliver, who is a janitor in the old world. His dream was to make it to the new world and make his life better.
He idolizes the world up there, and is obsessed with the idea that the life there is so easy. But people from swamp, arent allowed up.
Luckily, one day, package drone used in the city crashed in the water. Oliver finds it and decide to return it to the city…That’s his way through Vessel, the only way up in NY.

Vessel, structure that used to be a sign of advancement, art and technology is now nothing more than a reminder of the past….For Oliver though, it was much more, it was a gate to the future, connecting the two worlds.

When he finaly reaches his life goal and gets to the city, he was amazed by the technology. He starts his new life, better one.
He couldn’t comprehend the complexity of this environment, he is a simple folk after all. The reality is, no one could. Many tried, chasing the technology advancement, but we couldn’t compete with AI.

“We stayed behind, and we shouldn’t chase for something that we cannot reach. We do things we are not built for. This world is twisted, upside down logic, where we left the things we were good at and emotions are not present. ” – last note in diary , 05.17.2041 a.d.

Irony in the story is that Oliver was chasing for something he wanted, yet it wasnt something he actualy needed.

Image 1 : Desire
“There are two worlds we are living in, i can recall the old days, now it seems like a dream. I am stuck in this swamp. I wonder what the world up there is like. I heard there are still a few of us. it must be awesome. “

Oliver spends a lot of time thinking about the “above” world. He is new era janitor, cleaning up waters under the platforms.
One day he will leave this place and visit the better one up there.

Image 2 – Struggle
Oliver found a way up through the Vessel, one of few things left to remind the old city. Oliver struggles to authorize himself, until he finds a broken drone who must have fallen from the city. He comes to return it.

“It was not easy to persuade watchers, but i found a package drone, that is my way up.”

Image 3 – Summit
Oliver reach the top! He finally did it. It seem very strange to him, because he doesn’t know how the “new stuff” works. He realizes that he doesn’t belong in this place.
Multiple mental states of Oliver captured in one picture, showing the stages from amazement, realization to regret and enlightement.

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