Information on Final Entries Submission

Anyone having problems - do contact me. Either here or directly via email or the contact bubble on the blog (bottom right)

thanks Ronen ! have a nice evening

Ok thanks Ronen. Have a nice day.

Has anyone been able to upload the final entry?

no, i think no one has uploaded yet a final entry, but worth mention i seen a note shows ( keep ur image under 3000pixel ) i wonder under 2500 or 3000 pixels ? as Ronen informed ? @ronen

Looks like some issue with the page,
Ronen can you please see whats the problem with the final submission page?
I guess we have only 1 day left for submission

Chill guys, give Ronen some time to investigate and fix whatever is broken. Obviously he will ensure everyone is able to submit their entries. Just chill lol.

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If anyone is having issues in completing a final entry - please alert me!

For that matter - if someone did and it worked - do tell too :wink: It will help me solve any issues better.

Indeed :wink: All entries will get in - no worries about that.


I made a FINAL ENTRY test now. Main Image + Extra Images + 6MB PDF and it works ok.

Only thing is - it is slow to upload… so do monitor that. In CHROME there is a % indicator at the bottom left.

And even after it hits 100% there is more waiting before it shows you the confirmation page.


Great, Thanks, Ronen.

I appreciate the quick response.

You are awesome :slight_smile:

Hi @tomahawks619, have you tried deleting the website cookies? There should be a button next to you URL, right next to https. Trying deleting it, restart your browser, and re-login.

Hi @ronen I just tried to upload but it says “404 page not found”

I also tried to cancel cookies but it doesn’t work.

@tomahawks619, @tony.lai did you manage to upload your projects?

@Flow . Yes, I just submitted earlier . So I realized you have to login to your passport .

Link :

Once you login to it, go ahead and post your final entry and make sure you meet the requirements. The post will automatically post your stuff into this forum simultaneously.

That should be it .

PS your stuff is looking really good. GL dude !


Thanks @tomahawks619 an thanks to all. Yes you have to be logged in before going to the challenge page. It was so simple :joy:. I always logged directly in the challenge page but it doesn’t work with final entries.
I want to thank @ronen and Tomorrow for this beautiful challenge. I had a lot of fun, I talked to other great designers all over the world, I learned new things.
Good luck to all the participants.


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@Flow Haven’t tried yet, still doing the last-minute photoshop :sweat_smile: So everything works fine now?

Yes @tony.lai all works perfectly. You only have to sign in the homepage and then going to the challenge page. If you go on the challenge page and then try to sign in it doesn’t work.

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I have uploaded mine yesterday. Have receive confirmation message that it is successfully uploaded, but it is still not showing on Tomorrow Challenge 2020 cards page.

Anyone else had the same issue?

Hi @ronen. I was wondering when exactly it is time to upload the final entry. I suppose it can be a matter of hours for many people. I think this is important information.