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the main theme of my story revolves around the high-tech side of development in structure engineering and architectural forms, how our existing buildings would be always the same but the whole scene of our environment will be way different, space will be more valued in terms of cost ! life will get a bit congested but not in 2d, in a 3d apect where the Z Axis will be the humanities exposure towards the future !


Wow very nice composition, looking forward to seeing the final image. But the cars look old, you should replace them with more modern vehicles.

thanks a lot Farah, its such a pleasure to hear that from you, worth mention also that ur proposal is quite amazing too ! well done modelling am quite impressed specially with the metro shot !

as for car it was intentionally made to make old cars, if still the same for poor people like us :smiley: living down the bottom for sure i had a couple of change in some new modern electric cars ! on the final shot u will see it

thanks a lot for ur constructive comments, regards