Neo Ark - Modeling

The modeling is well under way as I start with the bare structure and slowly start to add the converted sections. I have to always keep in mind that this is a real vessel and that I can’t just randomly get rid of something, especially internal structure.

I’ve tried to keep the cargo holds mostly intact and have just removed some of the separating walls. The ship is still double hulled which takes away a great deal of space from the conversion project, but is advantageous in the long run.

As the main holds will be converted into living space the top deck will be extended to include life boat hangers, helicopter pads and hangers as well as community facilities. The bridge and crew compartment will also get upgraded to reflect the needs of the newly converted ship.

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Some updates on the internal modeling. The light blue areas will be the living areas.


Great concept @Atash - you’ve got some nice camera’s set up already :wink:

Thanks @Flowstorm. The internal cargo area is much larger than I had first thought so there is a lot of potential and ample space for wide pans showing different environments within the main space.

it reminds me of the futuristic interior of some interstellar shuttle :rocket:

I’ve finally completed the modelling for the occupancy modules. There will be two main variations. I went a little crazy with the details, and wanted to add much more but may run out of time if I don’t stop now :frowning:

There will be 8 modules all together in this giant ship.

Looks epic!! looking forward to seeing a shot looking down the length of the ship interior


It will look very different once the planting takes place :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to see this textured!

Thanks @Artifictial, I’m almost finished with the modelling and have started the material creation process now. So much to do, so little time left :frowning:

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Almost finished the modelling process. Just a few little details left. The texturing will start this weekend and I’ve given myself a week only as I won’t have much time to work on the animation otherwise.

I spent much of my time modelling the interior and now it was time to give some attention to the ship itself. The bridge and hangers as well as one of the most important elements of a ship, the Life Boats.

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