Neo Ark - Texturing

I’ve spent the past few weeks texturing up the ship exterior in Substance Painter and here it is. As it’s such a gigantic structure I had to split the entire thing into many separate parts to manage surface resolution.

There are many other parts that will be textured using procedural materials or PBRs created using Substance Designer.

If I have time I would like to had some set dressing to the ship as well as a little more detail, but I’ll see how I go.


Great work done there for such a huge scale project!
I had to see the size of the windows in the last pic, to realize the size of the structure and the level of detail!

Thanks #Artifictial. Yes the ship is pretty huge. The inside is very detailed and thus I’ve decided to use PBR textures instead of painting, just too much to do there.

Just to finish off some exterior details I’ve also textured the life boats.


Indeed, I don’t think that texture painting for a project of that scale would be an option. You have done a great job in pbr texturing by splitting the mesh onto separate parts. Everything seems to be integrated seamlessly.

That’s some sweet looking boats xD

@Atash did you paint it by hand or did you use some procedural techniques ? Curvature / cavity maps and stuff ?

Thanks @msum, I used smart materials and masks to get a good base then painted in all the details. I used masks to control the smart materials too as in many cases I didn’t get the desired effect, especially on large surfaces.

I’m working on the interior space now and it will have mostly procedural textures as there’s just too much to paint :frowning:

Very last minute addition to the scene. Every ship needs a few of these :slight_smile: