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The age of the giant ship is coming to an end.

Neo Ark will Convert the largest ocean going vessels into floating and in some cases mobile, sustainable communities.

These vessels would contain large residential neighborhoods, farms as well as organic food factories, sustainable energy production and recreational facilities. Arks would cluster to form larger floating towns, each one contributing what it can to the cluster.

This vision will be brought to life in the form of an animation. Although the length of the animation is limited in the Convert Challenge, a longer version will hopefully be available shortly after the challenge has ended.

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Ambitious! And pretty topical given the recent events at the Suez Canal :ship:

It’ll be awesome to see some water sims! Though speaking for myself, having seen some footages of boats braving the waves, i am not sure if i can find the courage to live on water.

Best of luck!

Thanks for that. :+1:

I’ve long thought that re-proposing things is sometimes better than recycling. Ship-breaking yards kill hundreds of desperate workers each year in South-East Asia, just to recycle the steal. As the wages are the lowest in these countries and health and safety, and environmental regulations are pretty much non existent, companies take their ships to be retired and recycled there.

What if we didn’t put finances first, but considered people and the natural environment before profit.

I really look forward to bringing this concept to life.

I’ve chosen the ULCC hull type to demonstrate this concept as these ships are amongst the largest ever constructed. One ULCC in particular, the Seawise Giant will be the ship I convert. Although it has already been dismantled there are many such ships that are approaching their end and have the potential of being repurposed. .

This vessel was absolutely enormous at almost twice the length of the Titanic.

Below is my concept block sheet for the project showing some of the new additions to the original vessel.
A more detailed plan will follow shortly as the 3D Modelling progresses. As this is a combination architecture and engineering project, it requires more research than I had thought.

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Oh, I love the strategy depicted here in the breakdown. This is almost like some concept art for a movie set; it specifically reminds me of the Helicarrier from the Avengers (i hadn’t thought about what the living accommodations onboard is like for all the Shield agents). :thinking:

The green corridor that is sandwiched between the main residences could make an unique visual, imo. I can already see some dramatic lighting scenarios that turn this vessel into a flourishing, self-sustaining ark as intended.

I’ve tried to research into currently used technologies when designing this conversion which makes it a little more challenging, but more fun. I’ve found that I have to go into detail where the ship’s structure is concerned so I know where I can fit things and what I can convert and still have a fully operational sea going vessel.
I should have some modelling update images soon showing the bulk of the ship in more details.
I’m really looking forward to the animation as like you mentioned there are a lot of opportunities for lighting and interesting scene composition. The allowable length of the animation is a little short so I may create a longer version for after the challenge :slight_smile:

Modelling progress of the hull and structure.

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