New Yards by Fayad Shahim

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So I have been trying to work on this competition in my free time while learning how to use Corona . My concept is trying to reimagine hudson yards rather than using the same buildings. A lot of what I am modeling is by using grasshopper

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Here is my update to the current “New Yards” . The entire idea of the Yards what I am trying to design is a place to congregate and show gentrification . It’s a topic which is hard to represent given visualization is always glitzy and glamorous and I was hoping to show maybe two sides of the world in one image .

Maybe my idea or the way I am moving forward with this design for the competition might be wrong :confused: ? How ever this is the next update to the image . I posted it without context initially to see how it works and over the past weeks I have posted and interior shot too . I am hoping to combine the 3 images . One from interior looking at the spire and this far image of how an old rustic

spire works with all the new pristine buildings on the site .

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There is no right or wrong in this challenge @tomahawks619 so keep going and stick to it :wink:

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Hi Guys here is an update to the image - trying to imagine looking at from 3 POV

1 - tourist
2- commuter
3- local .

There is a lot of modeling still be to be done . I am trying avoid bringing to much Megascan or Turbosquid assets to make it look generic so trying to model my own stuff. Almost everything is modeled in max or scripted in grasshopper and then fixed in max again.

Any suggestion and advice … kinda lost !

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Hello Fayad,

You have done great job so far on this project! You can try to play a little bit with the background on this image. I think in that way the project site will “pop out” a little bit more and will be more persuasive.
Keep on with the great reflections on the surfaces.
Hope that will help.



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Good job! I like most those “rainy” reflections. I agree with Stephan, adding some background will give to the image more intensity. I suggest to insert some darker buildings in the background but only in the lower part so you can play with contrast: background - dark and circular roof - bright.
I have a question: it seems that the image has a general green tone. Is this your purpose? I think that a yellow/orange tone would be better for the contrast with blue. What do you think?


Nice work on the texturing.The top of the tower seems too close to the edge of the image to me, which makes a little tension, maybe add a little breathing space? just my suggestion :slight_smile: keep it up this looks already interesting.

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Hi Everybody,

Here is the second image of the 3, the view as a commuter to the vessel . I was hesitant to post this since there is a lot of photoshopping and unresolved camera issues . I might try to populate more but I kinda do like the sparse population .

I will try to start on the third one while finishing this and my first.

Modeling : Grasshopper / 3d Max / Rhino

Thoughts ?


Hi Fayad, I like It! Sincerely the only thing I would have not put in the scene is the write on the floor. I don’t know but it doesn’t seem as realistic as the other part of the scene and it cover a well texture floor. : )

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Haha thank you so much, yeah I will definitely remove the hudson yards metal at the bottom