Old Munich airport tower

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Hello all.

I think that this old tower is a good choice for this challenge.

The tower has almost 100 years of history. It was there in 1945 (most survived part of it) and has been working as a dispatchers tower for main Munich airport till 1982.

Now the tower belongs to BrainLab and has an entertainment function: showroom and corporative events.

I tend to leave things that they are now, but make a little reconstruction and add some new processes, that somehow resemble its glorious past.
Photos were taken from BrainLab and archives.

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Hello dear all.
I have done some modeling. Sad story, that I have not managed to receive some blueprints… So I vent to Google Earth and extracted all of the 3D data.
Have done texturing the tower part too.
Now I looking to somehow create city surroundings and I have plans to do animations but have no time.


It’s really nice that you’re trying to remake the place you used to work in. cool pattern on the facade, looking to see more in the future.