Rewilding Sizewell Nuclear Power Station – Modelling

Rewilding Sizewell Nuclear Power Station – Modelling

Since my last post, I’ve managed to make a more accurate and complete model of the Sizewell site and context buildings. It’s been very tricky to find accurate info about these but I managed to find some good aerial photos on Flickr – special thanks to John D Fielding here, who kindly licenced me to use some of his photos for reference purposes.

Based on the earlier collage, I’ve also blocked in some of the hides and set them around a small lake created for the animals to drink from and congregate around. This will be achieved by flooding some of the existing waterways.

I then moved on to making a more detailed model of the Turbine Hall – again using a handful of photos found online and a single plan drawing – from the 1990’s !

That’s still very much work in progress but what’s become clear is the scale of the building.

The main space measures approx 140m x 70m x 33m high – with only a few existing floor slabs as there is a lot of very large kit in there.

Currently the plan is to turn this building into an educational space where visitors can wander freely around using a series of walkways/surfaces and learn about rewilding and biodiversity.

The reactor space (circular) will be a cinema with educational films playing.

The black skin-forms are covered walkways that create an entrance and allow views across the site.

I will try to clad these forms using Houdini for modelling work.


Great start to the modelling. Didn’t notice how large of an area it was.

Modelling Houdini tests 001

These drawings show some of the ideas I’ve been exploring about the structural form and cladding for the hides and timber skin-forms.

The Houdini screen-grabs show 2 options generated from a test underlying ‘form’


It looks you got some good ideas in your mind, loved your sketches!

I like what I’m seeing :wink: I would make my bet on the third option with simple blades, rhythm with maybe small deviations.
#rcrarquitectes :smiley:

Really nice, organic forms on the hides. And some really large scale modelling on the overall site!

Thank you @erfan3p @msum @BNARob Erfan, Msum and Ben for you kind comments…

I’ve since been trying to develop the form of the entrance to the Turbine Hall. The above form was some test geometry to allow me to check the Houdini workflow to see if I could get it to do what I wanted!

Once there’s something worth uploading I’ll share on here.
Thanks again for showing your interest :smiley:

Very cool. The different spaces inside and around these buildings are very interesting. This reminds me of the types of projects we did in Uni. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

Thanks @jamie …well I’m certainly having fun working on some design that isn’t someone else’s! Like most visualisers I guess we’re always illustrating someone else’s design so this project has been a nice change from that. Hope you’re enjoying it too!

A couple of model updates - screengrabs and ‘chalk’ renders - I’ve been working on the new entrance and turbine hall interior.
Some more details to add to the entrance area including finishing the stair - and hoping to start work on some Substance materials soon :slight_smile:

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Looking great @Flowstorm. It’s really taking shape. I can start to see the vision :slight_smile:

I liked that polygon-shaped entrance, looks so cool. And for the clay render, you can use a great deal of bloom, to make a very dramatic shot there! nice WIPs :grinning:

Thanks @Atash and @erfan3p …your comments are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s another update on some modelling work (although recently I’ve been spending most of my spare time getting uptospeed on Substance) - see next post if you’re interested.

This is 2 of the viewing hides - rendered with a chalk overide

I’ve also included my original collage image - which was what guided me during the modelling work.
I tried to be faithful to those initial ‘sketches’ but also make them buildable, without loosing too much in the process I hope.

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