Rewilding Sizewell Nuclear Power Station – Substance Designer

Over the last 10 days or so I have been trying to immerse myself as much as time allows in the world of Substance Designer.

It’s a great tool and I can see it really transforming how I create materials - I find that exposing parameters is especially useful - and seems to work (so far!) when using VRay IPR which is great.

Something I’m now interested in - is where Substance fits in the production process with other tools - specifically the overlap between modelling detail vs using high quality height maps and opacity.
It’s way easier than creating maps in Photoshop that’s for sure.

Here are some images showing my first material and some newer ones.

The ground surface (with displacment) is the result of working through one of the tutorials on the Substance academy – although I amended it with my own settings.

I also wanted to test the workflow using ForestPack Pro / displacement / Substance – to make sure my plants follow the surface.

Still work in progress but I feel a bit more prepared now for the next stage – I can feel a crazy material building stage coming on!

Rendered in Max 2020, Vray 4.3, using Spec/Glossy workflow



That’s really intriguing!
It’s like there is some sort of story unravelling and for some reason I sense a narrative quality to the scene.
Really looking forward to see how it develops

Thanks @Artifictial … well there certainly is a story to my whole project…trying to condense it into a few images is a challenge!..that’s what I’m working on :wink:

Some more Substance Designer fun from yesterday:

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Recent research - testing ways to use Substance .sbsar files to drive the various parameters of ForestPack Pro by creating additional Outputs.

I was trying to create natural looking distribution of plants - here I am controlling the Areas as well as the displacement and diffuse, animal marks / scuffs in the ground…
Now I will create more layers to drive the clustering of plants.

I drew the lake outline in Photoshop - the rest is Substance Designer.

Finally the 2 renders showing work in progress - still lots to do!

The result of some lighting tests…on the Entrance view


That’s a great job you did there!
Love the attention to detail :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome work @Flowstorm. Very good use of Designer.

Almost there. Only a week left, and everyone is delivering some great work :slight_smile:

Thanks both @Artifictial and @Atash for your kind comments!
Yes only a week…time is flying by.
Good luck to everyone with the last push!