rising sea-ty work in progress by flow

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Hi everybody,

here’s two work in progress images:

– the building site scene: this is the image before adding people and adding the last color grading pass (I manage post directly in corona and I did just a little bit of camera raw filter in PS). I modeled as much as possible in 3d so I don’t have to spend so much time in post.

– the underwater scene: this is the base of the third scene I started to model (is WIP). It shows the lower part of the vessel and the base of the shard with its typichal basements (which will have already been de-constructed in the building site phase). Instead of working directly in corona with motion blur I preferred working with render passes and adjust it in PS to have much control of the part I want in focus (I have to manage both motion blur and volumetric material). I would like to insert fishes and maybe a crab as 3d model (I would like to model them) and maybe also 3d people to have more control of colours and shading.

Hope you like it, comments and suggestions are always appreciated.




Finally found Nemo !! . Looks really good, I would only say change the gamma exposure a bit so you can see it a bit clearer but looks awesome !

Ahahahah tomahawks619 you’re totally right. I’ll adjust all colours and gamma when the image will be finished. Thanks

This is wayyyy futher than my imagination @Flow !!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

I mean this is deep physically and mentally at the same time what you have done here for the underwater atmosphere. Just like tomahawk said, You just need to adjust the brightness and some postproduction steps it will be amazing. :+1:

Very much love to see your next update!
Duy Phan

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Thanks for your words Duy Phan. I worked on atmospherics volume material and lights to obtain that “God rays” effect searching the best position. I thought that I couldn’t obtain a nice effect with caustics because water couldn’t be so clear (because we are not in a tropical isle) so I chose to work on god rays. I hope this make sense. :blush:

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Hello Flow,

It is nice to see this update. I find your point of view really interesting.
You can try to activate the core ot the Vessel by lighting It up with warm light. In this way you will devide your image in two parts: 1-the dark and cold environment, 2- the warm and cosy core of the Vessel. Also you can try to make something happening in there. You will achieve a more dynamic expression. If you like you can take my oppinion into consideration and to make some tests to see how this thing will work.

Keep on with the great work.



Hi Stefan thanks for your feedback. I’ll surely add people in the vessel watching the sea so it should become more dynamic. For lighting there’s a light in the core of the vessek but I decided to keep it at a very low intensity because I saw a lot of references of aquarius and all the lights were very very low. Maybe I could make it more warm and test some different intensity (corona lightmix is very useful in these cases).
Thanks again!


Hi peeps here’s an update of the two images.
Please leave a comment, it would be very useful at this point. Thanks.