Robot’s Head - Final Entry

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A bridge from the future to the past. Business and cultural center, arts quarter and history museum, enclosed in a glass castle, where the remains of the ruins of the Royal Castle are kept.

The history of the city and some of its parts is of great value, the combination of times as an asset in the form of two objects with a sad fate. The royal castle, badly damaged during the war, was a symbol of Königsberg, its most important building dominant. After the region became part of the USSR and the city was renamed Kaliningrad, the authorities decided to demolish the ruins of the castle, for political reasons there was no question of restoring it. 20 years later, Soviet architect Lev Misozhnikov designed the House of Soviets to manage the Kaliningrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and in the 70s its construction began on the site where the castle was located.

For various reasons, the construction of the building was not completed, becoming another symbol of the city, but already the city of Kaliningrad. For its bizarre shape, similar to a “robot’s head” sticking out of the ground, the city dwellers gave this name to this building. For several years, the House of Soviets never found its purpose, being empty in the very heart of Kaliningrad.

In my project, I created a solution that, in my opinion, could give this building a second life and remind about history – from the symbol of Konigsberg to the symbol of Kaliningrad.