stockholm library by van tran vu

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This contest is really a change to me. This is my first time in such a competition. When I received the 3ds-Max files from the competition organizer, the initial idea of a free view came to my mind.

I was surfing the Internet to search for materials about Stockholm Library. I was strongly impressed by the rivers flowing around the city and that led to an idea of placing the Project near a river, with the peaceful quays, harbours and tranquil surface of water in the morning.

I let light to overwhelm the dark near the camera in order to give the most of light to the Project block. I used the contrast between the orange colour and the blue tone of the entire view with the Project placed at the golden point of the view.

Regarding the second Exterior View: I used the idea of icing rivers in winter time of Stockholm

Regarding the Interior View: I used camera with 03 focusing points to make the walls higher and give the library natural curves

Do you have the other two images? I would love to see them