The Essence

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The power of a historic project is incredible, all the memories lived for years are on walls that today seem to have no purpose.

This is an old project in a historic city São Francisco do Sul, the idea for this building is to keep the essence of the project, preserving the memory but with a new purpose.

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Is this somewhere local to you by any chance? I can imagine some sentimental value trying to convert something that you have memory of or has been a part of your childhood/life to some extent.

You mentioned about giving it a new purpose, what do you have in mind? The close proximity to the water could lend itself to a fantastic conversion; but, not sure if that’s what you have in mind, though. So feel free to elaborate!

It’s important, not for me in particular but for my country, São Francisco do Sul is the third oldest city in Brazil, it was founded as a village by the Portugueses in 1658, it’s an important city and has a lot of history, so I don’t want to miss it, I’m thinking about a clean space, like a glass roof and preserve the original facade, keep the old one but with a modern and minimalist design, a place for people to talk and enjoy the view.