the Frame by Rafał

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Hi to all!

My name is Rafał and I would like to share my idea with you.

My idea is based on the creation of one large object that would become a visual gateway to the city. A huge cube with a sphere cut out inside (or maybe a Big Apple) frames the surrounding space.

These are just a few sketches, but I think they show what’s going on.

I hope I can create something interesting.

Good luck to all participants!

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Hi Rafal, Your sketch is really an appealing one on the competition board page! :heart_eyes:

It must be a huge iconic landmark for the area when it’s portraited within the context of Hudson Yards!

Would be great if you can share some ideas about the intervention effects could be for the neighbourhood with its appearance, the role it will play in the habitants and visitors life, the content which will be “framed”, the way we approach and admire that content!

Look forward to seeing your next stage of the process! :hugs:
Duy Phan

Hi Duy Phan, thanks for the kind words, I haven’t looked here long ago.