The Fuselages Village

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Apparently, when aeroplanes are put to rest, most of their parts are easily recycled. However, according to Noticias Arquitectura, the Fuselages are the only parts that are rarely reused, because “the cost of its demolition exceeds the profit of aluminium resale.” Boeing 727 and 737 are the best-selling commercial planes and therefore the most common fuselage types in these graveyards. The fuselage becomes the main subject of this project. It is insulated and furnished according to the environment and needs of the people. The internal subdivision generated by the existing floor joists is used to respond to functional needs: the upper section is used for inhabitation while the lower one houses are independent and for electrical, cabling and joints to make the Fuselages strong.

I decided to bring this project to the forest in the middle of Old Enugu-Onitsha Rd, Ngwo-Asaa, Nigeria. I want to show an Aeroplane graveyard and transform the place into something new and more livelihood. From an old, scary aeroplane graveyard to a village. The execution will need more technique of texturing, proper knowledge in creating a perfect environment. I want to show hope for this project that architecture is so important in anywhere part of the world.


I think it is a very interesting idea. You can bring the place of hope to that area with a special creativity. :wink:

Thanks for watching mate… I hope I can execute it properly… Goodluck

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The concept is stunning. Can’t wait to see final images!



You’re doing so good, I’m sure the final result will look stunning with the assets you created. BTW I love that substance designer mud that you created, I created something like that too. Well done mate!

What a great idea @totoymachine
Can’t wait to see the final result :slight_smile:
Good luck with these last few days!!!