The Great Dragon

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This castle was built in 1876 in Bouliac, 15 minutes far from Bordeaux, France. The mysterious name ” Great Dragon” seems to live from early 1800s to name the area. The building was occupied by the Nazis during WW2 and became a retirement home in the 1900s. When the place closed, the area was left abandoned. A few acts of vandalism and fires later, only the walls remains.

I don’t know what will happen to the castle today, but the area seems to be for sale, divided in multiple pieces. In case the worst happen, I wanted to add another stone to it’s story.

As Bordeaux and it’s surroundings attracts many tourists, mainly for it’s architectural heritage, castles and vineyards, I’m thinking converting this beauty into an hotel might be the way. Preserving it’s beautiful stone façade and exploring a contemporary way to create the new roof will be my approach. Only stills for me. I hope I’m not too late!

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Wow, what a shame. It’s a really pity what happens to these buildings over time. They should really be restored by the government or community.

I can’ wait to see what you do with this, I think it has a great deal of potential.

Good luck.

Judging by the satellite image, I find the seclusion charming and enticing in its own way despite the history the building had to bear. Whatever is left of the architectural details seem to be quite intricate from the cornice to the column capital.

That begs the question - How much of the detail do you intend on preserving? If the conversion is aimed towards a hotel, do you intend to juxtapose the new interior from the classical exterior, i.e. interjecting modern treatment?