The regeneration of the Ethnographic Museum

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Hello, First, apologize for being late, the college semester was hitting me… For my submission I have as a concept ”REGENERATION” which comes from the idea of ​​refurbishing an old National Museum of Ethnography in Nampula, Mozambique, in which will add cultural functions and an image of local urban interest.

The National Museum of Ethnography of Nampula is the only national museum

Mozambican not located in Maputo. It opened on 23rd of

August 1956 by General Craveiro Lopes with the name of Museum

Commander Eugénio Ferreira de Almeida, in a building with a project for the

architect Mario Oliveira.

The museum is synonymous with the charm and beauty of a region, mixing several classes of works from the classic to the contemporary in the mix of past experiences told in stories present in each object present there, together with the magnificence of its enclosing.

However, the disregard for the care of its maintenance indicates the clear lack of interest and frequent abandonments that many historic buildings like these suffer in my country.

After being converted, the museum will have:
– An Auditorium;
– A library;
– An art pavilion; and
– An Eposition Area