Wake Up in 2051

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Wake Up in 2051 – Animation

Work in Progress for 2 animations, meant to imagine another way of living in 30 years from now

When instead of overpopulated and over poluted cities, supporting consumerism and enviroment deterioration people would live in low-density natural inhabitants

The modern technology like 5G or dron deliveries and taxies would keep peoples’ life as convinient as they are, while merge with nature will lower down the stress levels, improve well-being and self-awareness

Upcycled and recycable materials (recycled plastic, fabrics, wood) are applied whenever possible.

House holds and serving drons would be powered by solar or wind energy and 3D dimentional connection with friends and colleagues is provided through a hologram platfrom

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Here are some more views from 2021 and 2051 subsequently

(In 2021 version I really wanted to show smokes and “polluted air” in the city, hopefully it is understandable)

Meanwhile having fun with Substane Alchemist, to creat recycled plastic composite


Some progress for the 2051 apartment

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Very good WIPs, loved them.

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Some more WIP

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Sent to the farm… it won’t be perfect, but it will be, (fingers crossed)

Will post some details of working with substance tomorrow (btw unfortunately it is not 100% compatible with the farm, so I got a stressful weekend)

Here are some latest shots from the before and after

Already did tons of regions gluing today for the 2021 version, lets see what tomorrow bring!:slight_smile:
Good night everyone!

quite realistic guess about future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are my most favorite moments of substance usage
(just for the record)

I really loved making mountain material and the fact that you can add water in one click and then regulate level and EVERYTHING

I also made several materials in Substance Alchemist, using substance to material
(pebble, clay)

And absolutely loved the buildings’ parametric material from substance source
(they btw turned out complete incompatible with the render farm I was using, which was a bummer)
But otherwise they are amazing