What to do when your images gets stolen?

So… you may have already seen this on the Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ronenbekerman/permalink/1819578711396408/

But I think this is worthy of a thread here (currently uncategorized, but will kickstart the business section).

I always handled this kind of things quietly and behind the scenes, and by that I mean I was approaching the culprits with cease and desist letter which worked (or so I thought).

I know now this is not enough! and social justice is not a solution at all. The culprits can keep doing what they do under different names.

In my case, I know for a fact about another studio pitching with my images to one of my clients! And clients will and will close with such studios.

First thing I would like to know is if anyone here ever handled such a thing legally and all the way?