WIP - 01 modeling and potential camera angle

Hello everyone, I started by modeling part of the towers and adding small details and I tried to be accurate as I m looking to lot of reference images. The Vessel was very challenging but after lot of trials, I found a solution to model it. My story is still in process, but mainly the idea is that another virus is spreading and everybody is staying/hiding home. and Robot/Ai are doing man’s job in the streets. I have chosen some positional camera angles but might change them later on. My main image will be un underground scene for the metro/underground city ( trains and transportation). I m converting the inner yard to glass panels, and you can see what is beneath. And I m also working on an interior image that will also help my storyline.
Best regards


Great job! I particularly love the one with the station. I suggest to rotate a little bit the camera to give symmetry to the objects. I think it would give more power to the image.

Thank you Flow for your comment, i ll try to rotate the camera, but i kind of was following the rule of third.