WIP - 03 First image with post-production

Hello everyone. Here is my Final first image, it shows that my main character just arrived to Hudson yards via underground train, and he is looking up to the astonishing view, and the transparent led screens. and he is ready to start working at Hudson yards. I hope you like it. more to come soon.


Here are two additional shots, they aren’t part of my main three images. they show the inside of the vessel.

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Hi. As I said before I really love your work. If I could be sincere I suggest you to reduce writings on the roof in the image with the train. You did a good job on modeling and texturing buildings on the surrounding but in the final image they are covered by info panels.
My two cents.

thank you @flow for you kind words, Cant wait to see your final underwater scene.
It is mainly my concept. i removed the platform and replaced it with screens, they lit the underground train station and give some info and a digital mood. the surrounding building will be shown in other rendered views :slight_smile: