Welcome to TALK and the RBBLOG

Welcome to TALK, The RB Blog companion community space.

This place is dedicated to discussion on blog posts, showcases, challenges and all things architectural visualization related.

  • If you follow the main blog, this is for you! TALK will become the commenting system for the blog, showcases and challenges.

  • You’ll find here excerpts of posts made on the blog and the comments for them as well as newly created posts directly here by members of the community.

  • On TALK you’ll see all that is going on the blog, jobs, challenges, showcases and more. Keep tabs on the pulse of ARCHVIZ via TALK.

Before all else… read the FAQ please

For now, you’ll probably post to the Uncategorized category, but this is ok! I will add Categories as we go. I think it is best this way.


Make it a rule to check current posts and join a discussion before posting one of your own.


Please don’t bother adding any signature in your posts… I’ll delete it! Put what you like in your profile and it will show on your card when someone clicks on your avatar - This is the best approach. Keeping the discussion clean, but people will find you if they want too :wink:


If you already have an account (passport) in the main blog, when you register to talk, try to use the same USERNAME you have for your passport!

For the time being, this process is not automated and there is no single sign-on solution, so it is up to you to match the usernames (it will help in linking the showcase posts here to the ones on the main blog).


be good, do good.



Things you can read right away!

June 2018 Highlights :