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Information on Final Entries Submission ( 2 3 ) (48)

Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find more info on the final entry images such as resolution, max dimension, how to upload. Have we only to upload in the platform? I don’t think so because image size should be small…

2040: The Lessons We Have Learned by 3dNinja (1)
Final Entry. Dawn at the Hudson Yards by Denis Khotin (1)
Final Entry #Architecture dilemma between Investment and life qualities by Mohamed Mahfouz (1)
HUYA (final entry) by bobrov.jpg (1)
2040: The Lessons We Have Learned-- Finals full collection by 3dNinja (1)
Hudson Yards Transit Center by Krzysztof Woleński (1)
Final Entry - Hudson Gate by Tony Hin Chun Lai (2)
#Final The Day After Tomorrow by Roman Huzar (1)
The current future by da.viz (1)
M-15 by [email protected] (1)
The Unfolding by Shubham Sharma by shubham sharma (3)
The Frame - Final (1)
Final Entry - Seven Chapters Of The Day by Nenad Nacevic (1)
Ordinary Beauty by vittorio.bonapace (1)
Brolly by James Macdonald (1)
Meliora #4, work in progress update by Stefan Dimitrov ( 2 3 ) (40)
NEW YARDS 2040 by Fayad Shahim (1)
M-PTT by andrei_bursuc (1)
Test Final Entry by Ronen Bekerman (1)
The Hudson Yards Transit Center Concept by Krzysztof Woleński (2)
mile stone 4 by Mohamed Mahfouz (3)
last update by Mohamed Mahfouz (3)
Tomorrow 2020 Thnking !! by James Macdonald (3)
Tomorrow submission (4)
Last one before the final - The Unfolding by shubham sharma (1)
WIP - 04 - other rendered shots - by [email protected] (1)
WIP - 03 First image with post-production (4)
The Unfolding - Last Update before Final Submission (1)
Pre-Final Update:- Seven chapters of the day by Nenad Nacevic (1)