Challenges   Tomorrow 2020

In between the GAP - Work Prcess April 04th by Duy Phan (5)
Green Living #4 by Daryl Tebug (2)
A tower for you and me by Gabriel Radakovitch (3)
Hanging parks by Saman Gardy (1)
In between the GAP by Duy Phan (12)
rising sea-ty work in progress - base module and water material by flow (1)
the Frame by Rafał (2)
SPOON - THE GATEWAY TO HUDSON ( W.I.P ) by kartik.lak (1)
SPOON - THE GATEWAY TO HUDSON by kartik.lak (1)
Sanctuary At The Hudsons by mohamedalashiq (1)
Architecture dilemma between Investment and life qualities by Mohamed Mahfouz (1)
Hudson Gate - Look Dev Progress: Transportation Tube Concept (6)
Nature and the city by peterjanov (3)
Test 1 by 3dNinja (1)
The Unfolding by shubham sharma (1)
Meliora by Stefan Dimitrov (3)
Sunken city by Pavol Cickan (3)
HIVE by Maciek Józefiak (2)
The New York City Drone Marathon by UNBOXED (4)
Green Living #3 (1)
Green Living #2 (1)
New Yards by Fayad Shahim (1)
rising sea-ty work in progress - composition study by flow (3)
High-rise revitalization by Alejandro Bermudez Pascual (3)
Initial Setup- 3D Ninja by 3dNinja (1)
Green living by Daryl Tebug (1)
The Hudson Yards Transit Center by Krzysztof Woleński (7)
rising sea-ty by flow (9)
Young Future - NYC Hudson Yards new School by Fabian Dong (3)
"Breathe, breathe in the air." by Domenico Tariello (2)